About the Blog
Broke da Mout' is a food blog dedicated to making the most out of what we put into our bodies. It is written by Julie and Lynn, a mother/daughter team that likes cooking but enjoys eating more.

One day, we were discussing the fact that there seemed to be very few websites with good recipes acceptable for the Dukan Diet, our weight-loss regimen du jour. During our conversation, we were tossing out some of the great things that we've come up with (Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs and Three-Cheese Basil Cream Sauce with Noodles, for two). It was then that we realized that if we couldn't find the websites, we would have to write one. Broke da Mout' was born.

We have since departed from Dukan Diet recipes, as we have both since lost the weight we were hoping. (Also, wine is delicious. So is bread.) We have instead shifted to whole food-recipes, soul soothers, and general health posts. We've left the Dukan Diet recipes up, however, because most of them are quite tasty and delicious.

All of the recipes are created in our kitchens and tested in our homes. While Lynn is a member of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, we are not nutritionists, doctors, or chefs. Please, if you're on a special diet for medical reasons, check with your practitioner before making and eating what you find here.


About Julie
Julie is a Hawaii-born Alabama transplant and mother of two. When not creating some of the most delicious meals east of the Mississippi, she enjoys kayaking, Top Chef, and playing with her grandbabies.

About Lynn
Lynn is an Berlin-born East Coast resident and mother of three. When not busy cobbling together fast meals from frozen meat, she enjoys writing, New Girl, and foisting her children off on her mother.
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